Click on the book cover to be taken to Audiobook at!!! want to read more! Excellent narration!!!--Lori, Audible Listener 
Felisha Caldeira is wonderful, she brought life and feelings to the characters and make the book an 'all in one listen' and even more interesting. --Anne L., Audible Listener
Felisha Caldeira is a 'new to me' narrator. I am very stingy with my stars, I have given her 4-almost perfect! She is steady and strong, allowing vulnerability when required. I will look for her as I choose books in the future. --DK, Audible Listener
The narrator did an outstanding job as well, with a sweet and lilting storytelling voice that very much matched the characters portrayed.--Frances, Audible Listener
 I’m not usually one to enjoy or read historical romances that take place in the US, or anything “western”, but I think both the author in this and the narrator could have very well changed my mind.--S. Burke, Audible Listener
Felisha's performance was really great !! She really drew me in to the character's personalities. I really didn't want the book to end.--Joyce R., Audible Listener

============================================================================================================= wasn't the shocking part however, the shocking part was that there were so many different 
characters from so many different nationalities that Felisha had to narrate, and she excelled at it.--Franky, Audible Listener
 The narrator had a very pleasing voice as she portrayed all of the accents through out her wonderful narration.--Ann, Audible Listener


Felisha Caldeira absolutely embodied Jade Gentry. Felisha’s voice, along with the cover model combined to give me an incredibly clear mental image of Jade as the protagonist. This was my first experience with Felisha as narrator and she definitely impressed me. I don’t think I have ever heard another narrator with a voice like hers. I wasn’t immediately sure that I would like it, but it soon became clear that her narration style fit the main character “to a T”. Not only did her style fit the character, but I also think it enhanced my understanding of her in a way that eloquently complemented the writing. Caldeira’s Southern accent was soft, slow, and pleasing to the ear. Her character distinction was subtle and unobtrusive. I greatly enjoyed her performance!--Audiobookworm


Felisha Caldeira is an Amazing narrator. One of the best I've heard with her southern drawl. Her voice epitomizes Jade and really brings her character to life. Her performance was flawless and I hope to listen to more of her work in the future.--Teresa, Audible Listener
Of course, none of this would be possible without the extraordinary performance of Felisha Caldeira. Her entrancing voice makes the characters of Polishing Jade come to life and her incredible acting will draw you ever deeper into this captivating story. Caldeira has not only helped me hear this book, she has helped me feel it. I am eager to listen to more of her narration in the future. --Travis, Audible Listener
I love the reader in this book! Felt like I was part of the story! Great listening!--Heidi, Audible Listener
Felisha Caldeira does a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life, and portraying the varying emotions of the characters... Felisha, you have a fan in me!--Franky, Audible Listener